Migraine is a neurological disorder that is characterized by recurring head pain, nausea, vomiting, or sensitivity to light and sound. It typically affects one side of the head. Migraine can last up to 3 days and can be mistaken for other conditions.

Migraines are often hereditary, but there are many other causes that may lead to it including some lifestyle factors like stress or sleep deprivation.

The severity of migraine varies from person to person and this is rarely dependent on the number of episodes.

Migraines (word direived from Greek word “ημικρανίες“) are a very common ailment that affects around one in every five people. They are often times triggered by various different factors such as stress, poor diet, and lack of sleep. These triggers can be difficult to avoid and people who suffer from migraines need to know about the different treatments that they can use to combat their condition.

It is important for those who experience migraines understand what causes them and how they can be treated, as well as the warning signs and symptoms.

Migraines are headaches brought on by an inflammation of blood vessels in the brain. It is also caused by vascular changes in the brain, which may be triggered by environmental factors or food sensitivities. For some, migraines can be triggered by stress and physical exertion.

Some of the triggers for migraines in males include: STRESS, PHYSICAL EXERTION, FOOD SENSITIVITIES, and INJURIES IN THE HEAD OR FACE


Rent a boat and sail in Skiathos Greece


Skiathos – Σκιάθος, a gently rolling wooded island, lies 2.5 nm east of the Peninsula of Magnesia  and is the most westerly island of the Northern Sporades. It is also the most important island boasting the best ferries connections, a smallish airport and serves as the prime starting point for sailing holidays in the north Aegean since it is the only proper yacht charter base in the vicinity. With its equable climate and beautiful sandy bays it is a popular holiday destination, particularly favoured by Greeks. Skiathos’ main source of income apart from the tourist trade is its 600,000 olive trees.
The chief place, and indeed the only town on the island, is Skiathos, on the south-east coast. Founded in 1830, it occupies the site of the ancient city, on two low hill ridges flanking a small sheltered bay.
The ruins of the islands’ medieval capital, Kastro, are located along the west coast on an impregnable crag. The remaining stretches of town walls and the drawbridge can be visited by boat or over land by beautiful winding dirt roads. The lush and fertile inlands as well the monasteries are indeed the most appealing part of Skiathos.

If you are interested into renting a yacht, rent a boat e.t.c. there are plenty of skiathos boat hire companies operating in Greece. Are you wondering what you will see in Skiathos? Keep reading

Beaches of Skiathos

Koukounaries beach

Koukounaries beach

There are over 60 beaches in Skiathos, all sandy including Koukounaries rated 7th best beach in the world and best in Greece. Also Banana Beach just around the headland is the island’s only Naturist Beach and is fantastic and very sheltered. Most of the beaches are easy to get to by bus or moped as they are mostly found on the only main road on the Island. There are all types of water sports available at most of the beaches and even a diving center. As a rule, the closer you are to town the busier the beach will be.

lalaria beach skiathos

The iconic Lalaria Beach which is accessable by excursion boat is known to lovers of Greece through the EOT posters from the seventies which used the white pebbles and turquoise waters to lure generations of tourists to Greece in the same way that Shipwreck Beach on Zakynthos does now. But unlike Zakynthos there is no rusty hulk rotting on the beach, just sand and sea. OK. pebbles and sand. You catch the boat from the harbor in Skiathos town. It can get crowded in the summer and there is no shade so bring your own. You may want to bring water too. If you come early you may have the beach to yourself but probably not for long. There are a number of private boat tours, some on sailboats, so rather than go to Lalaria and be dropped off find the tour that goes around the island with a stop there.

Kids Dentist

How often does my child need to see the pediatric dentist?

A check-up every six months is recommended in order prevent cavities and other dental problems. However, your pediatric dentist can tell you when and how often your child should visit based on their personal oral health.

Toothpaste: when should we begin using it and how much should we use?

The sooner the better! Starting at birth, clean your child’s gums with a soft infant toothbrush or cloth and water. As soon as the teeth begin to appear, start brushing twice daily using fluoridated toothpaste and a soft, age-appropriate sized toothbrush. Use a “smear” of toothpaste to brush the teeth of a child less than 2 years of age. For the 2-5 year old, dispense a “pea-size” amount of toothpaste and perform or assist your child’s toothbrushing. Remember that young children do not have the ability to brush their teeth effectively.Children should spit out and not swallow excess toothpaste after brushing.

Canadian police investigating after bitcoin bank Flexcoin folds

Signs on window advertise a bitcoin ATM machine that has been installed in a Waves Coffee House in Vancouver, British Columbia October 28, 2013. REUTERS/Andy Clark


Canadian police have launched an investigation after online bitcoin bank Flexcoin, which closed its virtual doors this week, said that it had lost about $600,000 worth of the digital currency in a hacker attack.

The Edmonton, Alberta-based company reported the theft of 896 bitcoins on its website on Monday and said it “does not have the resources (or) assets … to come back from this loss.” It blamed the attack on hackers who had targeted its online wallet.

Bitcoins stored in Flexcoin’s cold storage facility, which is basically an offline bank, were not affected by the hack and will be returned to customers, the company said.

The Edmonton Police Service (EPS) said on Wednesday they were investigating the issue.

“I can confirm that detectives from the EPS Economic Crimes Section and Technological Crimes Unit are following up with Flexcoin, and the matter is currently under investigation,” said police spokesman Chad Orydzuk.

Flexcoin’s demise comes close on the heels of the collapse of Mt. Gox, once the world’s dominant bitcoin exchange, which filed for bankruptcy last week after it said it had lost some 850,000 bitcoins.

Bitcoin is a digital currency that is bought and sold on a peer-to-peer network, independent of any central bank or government. Its value soared last year, and the total worth of bitcoins minted is now about $7 billion.

Flexcoin had earlier on Wednesday complained that local authorities were not taking the theft seriously, Tweeting: “My attempts to file a police report were laughed at, I was advised #bitcoin is a scam.” But it later Tweeted that it had been in touch with police and would provide more information on Thursday.

While bitcoins are an unregulated currency, a hacker that breaks into a computer to steal bitcoins can be charged with unauthorized access to a computer and mischief to data.


Flexcoin users who lost bitcoins in the hack will likely have little recourse to recoup their funds, though one option may be a class action lawsuit like the one being considered against Mt. Gox, said Stuart Hoegner, a Toronto-based lawyer and general counsel for the Bitcoin Alliance of Canada.

“Short of a class action, people might find the burden of pursuing litigation to be something that’s not very attractive,” he said.

Another option might be through any potential bankruptcy proceedings for the company, though the outcome of either possibility would likely depend on the state of Flexcoin’s books, said Hoegner.

Flexcoin was incorporated in Alberta in 2012 and registered to a rented mailbox in the city of Edmonton, according to provincial records. Its sole director and voting shareholder is James Andrew Gray, who also gave the rented mailbox as his address.

The corporate data did not include a phone number or other means of contacting Gray. He did not respond to queries sent to the Flexcoin Twitter account and the Flexcoin email address or efforts to reach him through social media.

An online forum posted on BitcoinTalk.org in March 2012 said Gray bought Flexcoin from U.S. firm Yooter Interactive Marketing.

Yooter posted a message on its website on Tuesday saying it had not had any contact with Flexcoin or Gray since the deal closed and had exited the bitcoin business entirely.

Flexcoin’s website directed users who had lost funds to its terms of service, which state that the company will take every precaution to defend client bitcoins, but “is not responsible for insuring any bitcoins stored in the Flexcoin system.”

It further states: “You agree to not hold Flexcoin Inc, or Flexcoin Inc’s stakeholders, or Flexcoin Inc’s shareholders liable for any lost bitcoins.”


The very public downfalls of Mt. Gox and Flexcoin come as bitcoin inches ever closer to the mainstream, with major online retailers like Overstock.com and TigerDirect.com now accepting the digital currency.

As more investors pile in, there’s a strong case to be made for regulating crypto-currencies and virtual banks, said Jean-Paul Lam, associate professor of economics at the University of Waterloo, who said that in Canada, the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) should step in.

“I think they will have to step in and try to regulate either the exchange of bitcoins or put an end to the trading of bitcoins,” he said.

“The only solution to regulate the market is really to go in and say if you want to be treated like a currency, like a bank, then you’re subject to the same regulations as the financial institutions of the land.”

Canada’s government said last month it will toughen rules targeting money laundering and terrorist financing to keep a closer eye on the use of bitcoin and other virtual currencies.

10 Thinks you must do when you visit Santorini!!

We present you some of the most amazing experiences you can enjoy only in Santorini!! If you miss those, then you have definitely missed a big part of Santorini.

1. Dive into the sunset!

Although the most famous sunset on the island is at Oia, it is surely not the only one! You can admire the spectacular sunset at any other spot, like Fira, Firostefani, Imerovigli, Pirgos (Profitis Ilias) and many more. In order to get a different angle of the sunset, you should go to Faros in Akrotiri, where you will be almost alone!

2. Try the local Cuisine!

Enjoying the sunset and escaping in the caldera is not the only way to sense the island. If you don’t taste the local food, cooked by a chef that really loves it. If you don’t feel it deeply inside yourself, you would not feel the power of this earth. Santorinian Fava, local cheese, capers, Santorinian cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and white aubergines are some of the delicious local products that can be found!

3. Experience the Santorinian Scuba Diving!

Only scuba diving lovers can really appreciate the unique experience of the underwater world of Santorini! This feeling will be greater, as you get the chance to see the distinctiveness of the bottom of this sea: the volcanic stones and the bottomless depth of the caldera. Take a chance to live this experience!

4. Visit a Winery!

Since vineyards and wine play the main role for many years in Santorini, it is worth spending some of your time to visit few of them! You will be impressed with the ones that are spread along the slopes and the lowlands of Santorini. Make a tour, most of them offer one, learn about the history of the wine and taste the exceptional wines produced. You will definitely notice that very special characteristics of Santorinian wines that comes from the volcanic soil!

5. Visiting Museums!

Visiting the Santorinian museums and ancient Thira, is an endless travel to the rich history of the island. The museum of Prehistoric Thira hosts the important findings that were brought into light with the excavation in Akrotiri. Impressive plaster furniture moldings, bronze pottery items and the unique golden statute of the wild goat. The Archeological museum exhibits collections of sculptures and inscriptions from the Archaic to the Roman Era.

6. Stay in Cave House!

Santorinian architecture is really unique. Yposkafo (cave house) was the type of house built by the poor society class of Santorini in order to stay protected by the furious winds. Nowadays, famous architects have turn these cave houses in modern and luxurious holiday resorts. It is worth to experience, even for one night, the claustrophobic feeling you get when you stay in a cave house, its characteristic smell and the direct access to caldera.

7. Have a romantic dinner on the caldera!

The feeling of eating and having such a wonderful view and atmosphere all around you is definitely a lifetime’s experience. Even though there are many great restaurants outside the caldera, a romantic evening there is worth spending. Even visiting Santorini with friends shouldn’t stop you having this unique experience!

8. Go up the Caldera on mule ride!

Few years ago, it was the only way of transport up the caldera due to the narrow roads. Until the teleferik (cable car) was built and mule rides are used only by the locals and the tourists. The winding 587-step path is a tough option to go on foot though. Although is worth it to do it at least once during your stay in Santorini!

9.  Go to Ammoudi for swimming and eating!

Walking along the dust road to reach the small beach surrounded by the cliffs, diving into the deep cold waters and swimming below the caldera, above the sea bottom chaos, is the unique experience that Ammoudi offers! Plenty of taverns to choose, with fresh fish and sea dishes, while enjoying the sunset! The sun vanishes behind Thirasia Island and from that spot the sunset has the longest duration!

10. Go on Excursion!

Choose packages that include visiting the volcano and Thermal Springs. Spend some time in Thirasia to explore Potamos and Manolas settlements, which are not developed for tourism, and swim in Korfos (old harbour), where you can enjoy your meal at one of the picturesque taverns. Having the view while on board is surely an experience that you should no way miss!

Read More about Santorini at:  http://www.vacation-in-greece.gr/santorini/

Finding my parents

If you were adopted, then you know how frustrating it can be not to know much about your heritage and genetics. Finding your birth parents can help you learn more about your family history and where you came from, as well as answer any questions you might have as to why you were given up for adoption and if you have any other biological family members.


Talk to your adoptive parents about any information they have about your birth parents. So they don’t feel threatened by giving you information about your biological parents, be sure to tell them that you love them but are curious to find your biological family. Ask for names, an old address, the adoption agency or anything else they might know about your birth parents.

Contact the hospital where you were born for your birth records. While it is not done routinely, you could explain your situation and, at the very least, get a name and an old address to track down your birth parents. An old address can lead you to a neighbor who might know where your birth parents went or have forwarding information.

Seek out the adoption agency that you were placed with. It should have information as to whether your biological parents wanted you to contact them, and it might have the contact information so that you can find them. The agency may also have information if your birth parents never wanted to be contacted by you.

Register with the International Soundex Reunion Registry (ISSR, see References). This puts your name on the registry so that your birth parents can find you as well as you finding them. You can also search the database to see if your birth parents registered.

Funeral planning worksheet

The death of a loved one is a very difficult time. Yet it is during this period of grief and emotional readjustment that family members and friends are confronted with dozens of important decisions. Decisions like Which funeral provider should I use? What kind of funeral should it be? Will there be a viewing or not? Should you bury or cremate the body, or donate it to science? What other arrangements should you plan? And, how much is this all going to cost?
Researchers agree that funerals and burials are among the most expensive purchases consumers make; right after a home and a car. Most people are totaly unprepared to spend the kind of money needed for a funeral, and moreover they dont even know what kind of questions to ask. That is not an odd thing, we all make funeral arrangements so infrequently. So a funeral planning worksheet for sure will come to hand. General and specific things to consider having in the worksheet are:

  • How do you feel about burial or cremation? Does your religion have specific rules or rituals? In some religions cremation is otu of the question, while in others you might have to be on record as a member before denomination’s clergy can officiate.
  • Casket or container for ashes? In some religions burning is out of the question. Moreover the range of costs differs. From a $30 disposable plastic urn to a purchased vault in a columbarium to many thousands of dollars for a custom-made wood or metal casket.
  • Open or closed casket. You have to option to pre-funeral open casket which allows people to view before the funeral, however during the service the casket is closed.
  • Do you have money set aside? Do you have access to funds specific for funerals?
  • Music: Traditional church services may be more difficult to personalise, but certainly crematoriums and other private ceremonies offer a much wider scope for musical choice. The broad range of music performed at the funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales, including Elton John’s rewritten version of Candle in the Wind’ cleverly reflected the wide range of tastes and ages of her many admirers around the world. It also showed that it is possible to vary from the traditional and still be dignified and uplifting.


Islands of Greece

Article source: http://www.vacation-in-greece.gr/islands-of-greece/

sailing in greeceGreece boasts thousands of islands – but only about 227 of them are inhabited or visited by tourists. Surrounded by crystal clear waters and offering world class beaches and landscapes, it is only natural that Greece was one of the first holiday destinations when mass tourism started a few decades agSome of them became very popular that their entire economies are now centred on the tourist trade. But still there are always many offers that one could discover.

Its common wisdom that term “Islands of Greece” is generic and brings to mind one particular kind of holiday, however every single one of them has its own distinct character. Some are flat, others mountainous. Some are green, others rocky. Many are infamous for their nightlife, while others are renowned for their tranquility and relaxed lifestyle. Some attract young and alternative types, while others cater to high-end tourism and exclusive crowds.

n 2006, Greece had 404 beaches and 5 marinas that were awarded the “Blue Flag” – under the program Blue Flags of Europe- , a fact that puts the country in a top-ranking position among the European countries. Apart from swimming, they lend themselves to scuba diving, snorkeling, water skiing, sailing and windsurfing. As they are the cradle of some of the most ancient and prosperous European civilizations (the Cycladic, Minoan civilizations, etc.), the islands boast unique archaeological sites, an outstanding architectural heritage and centuries-old, fascinating local traditions of a multifaceted cultural past.

One could ask for a top list of them, that is not that easy as every one has its own beauty and moreover only you can discover your own personal paradise by trial and error. And for sure there is a Greek island out there that could be your paradise. However if we had to mention some we would for sure stress out Mykonos, Santotini, Rhodes, Paros, Crete.